Conference Seminar: “What’s Getting You In A Business Spin?” By Tina Boden

Tina Boden

Tina Boden

This seminar will be presented by Tina Boden, a micro business specialist and one of the UK’s leading voices for small businesses.  She’s also the co-founder of the Enterprise Rockers and will give delegates the opportunity to share some of their business headaches.

Tina will help find solutions to the problems that DJs have in the day to day running of their business.  Whether it is customer service, late payments, social media, general administration or something else that is getting them in a business spin, Tina wants to ensure they go home with a few words of wisdom from The Efficiency Angel that will help make their business life easier.

Tina will be utilising the networking breaks to wander amongst delegates encouraging them to network and chat but asking them the question ‘What’s getting you in a business spin?’  Tina will engage the crowd and establish if more than one person in the room is experiencing the same problem, encouraging peer-to-peer support where there may be common issues.

Tina will return to the Auditorium with some help and advice around the questions raised earlier in the day in a hope that business headaches may be cured. Please use the opportunity to chat to Tina in the networking sessions throughout the day and she promises that if she doesn’t know the answer to the problem she will phone a friend.

Alan Marshall, Chairman of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) said that he believes the seminars from Tina and the use of the networking periods is a new and innovative concept that’s not appeared at one of our events before, as he explains: “I believe that this seminar package from Tina offers a unique opportunity for DJs to speak to a professional micro business specialist about their concerns.  The feedback during the networking sessions will then be used to formulate a bespoke seminar later in the afternoon.

“Tina is more than just a seminar host at the Conference, she is opening up her knowledge and skills to help all types of DJ on different levels.  There’s one-to-one personal guidance and then there will be a tailored seminar later in the afternoon that will focus on the points that, I guess, many DJs will encounter in business,” added Alan.

Tina Boden