Follow Up From Isla Wilson on “Selling Styles”

Isla Wilson at this years NADJ Conference & AGMThe lovely Isla Wilson returned this year once more with her presentation on “Selling Styles”, and how to identify which category you as salesmen & women of your own services, fall into.

She told us what are the full range of sales behaviours which can be effective? Which styles of selling make us feel most comfortable, which are most profitable. How many of the styles are we using?

Isla has kindly shared her presentation online on the Ruby Star Associates Facebook Page and will be offering NADJ members a discount soon on some upcoming sales seminars in the NW England areas.

If you want to know more Isla’s details are below.

Isla Wilson
RubyStar Associates
t: 0844 358 5777
m: 07773 310290
twitter: @RubyStarTweet

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