Getting What You’re Worth – As Valid Today As It Has Ever Been

The 'Getting What You're Worth' presentation is as valid today as it was a few years ago.The ‘Getting What You’re Worth’ presentation is as valid today as it was a few years ago.

In one of his latest updates on Facebook, Mark Ferrell, highlights the feedback and assessment of his presentation from Mike Walter.  Mark also comments on how he feels today as his “…passion remains steady all these years later.”

Select the image (right) to see what Mike had to say.  He said that Mark Ferrell’s presentation was one of the highlights it was an incredible experience.

Mark had a packed room in the palm of his hand and added that he picked up pain and frustration in what Mark was saying: “We as an industry still shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to raising our rates and improving our nationwide reputation,” said Mike Walter.

The GWYW presentation is coming to the UK and we want all DJs to listen, digest and act on this great opportunity. So, join us at the NADJ AGM & Conference 2014 at Dukes Meadows in Chiswick on Sunday 27th April 2014.

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