Mark Ferrell – Getting what you’re worth.

Mark Ferrell

It’s very rare that we devote so much of our seminar time to one speaker, but this year we’re making an exception and for good reason as we welcome Mark Ferrell to the NADJ Conference for the first time.

Mark Ferrell is the leading, and most respected, speaker, trainer, and advocate for the mobile DJ industry worldwide, having presented keynotes, seminars, and workshops in more than 50 cities in the U.S., in the United Kingdom, and in Canada, and has keynoted several national and international industry conventions.

Known as the mentor and trainer to the top earning performers in the industry, Mark has received acclaim by peers in the profession and honors including induction into the American DJ Association’s Hall of Fame, Mobile Beat Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the ADJA President’s Award, the AJDA Outstanding Achievement Award, and Mobile Beat’s All Star’s Award.

Mark provides inspiration and information that helps mobile DJs serve their clientèle more completely, which creates more opportunities for higher rates, more bookings, and legendary customer satisfaction.

Many of our members have benefited greatly from attending Mark’s workshops and courses, he will be presenting his entire “Getting what you’re worth” keynote over the course of the day (split into 3 sessions with networking breaks) and if you’re an NADJ member you will be getting the opportunity to attend for free. (SEDA members and general public a cost will be required).

So as Mark would say “What’s In It For Me?”.

His reply?

“The bottom line is simple: Money. Nothing meaningful can happen without it. If DJs don’t have money, then they cannot support an association or an industry. If they have it, then they can join an association. If NADJ and SEDA have money in the coffers, then they can provide services and representation. If DJs have money, then they can upgrade gear and support the manufacturing and retail businesses that provide for DJs. With representation comes public awareness and acceptance. And respect. As DJs charge more, they feel an obligation to improve, which benefits their clientele. That in turn, feeds positive public perception. As that happens, it becomes less problematic to “sell” DJ services at a higher price because of a new level of professionalism exhibited by DJs.

But all of that begins with DJs making more money. Nothing happens without DJs making more money.”

DJs across the UK have already improved their DJ businesses with the help of Mark and we are very lucky to have so much of his time on the day!