LED Factory partner with us for the Conference!

LED Factory
It’s nice to have friends in the industry, especially those that can do spectacular things with venues! Avtar from LED factory has always been an active supporter of the NADJ and we’re happy to have him as a partner in this Sunday’s event to give a little sparkle to the proceedings. We’ve no idea what he’s going to go to Dukes Meadows , but we do know that it will be something special!

Avtar says, “We at LED Factory light up any occasion with a magic wonderland of brilliant LED Lighting and outstanding special effects, with the latest hi-tech equipment made to the highest specifications and able to deal with the ever increasing demand of the professional events industry.

We tell our customers, with our years of expertise, we will put the fire in your festivities like their guests have never seen before, a totally new and unique ground-breaking concept in event lighting design and management which will truly make their event a jaw dropping one, all fully computerised and fully synchronised.

In the last three and a bit years we have lit up some of the most spectacular events that the UK has ever seen, from award ceremonies, wedding and fashion shows, as well as conferences, private events and functions too numerous to mention…

We’ve LED Centrepieces, LED Bars, LED Poseur and Dinner Tables, to stunning LED Backdrops, LED Dance floors, Magic Towers and LED Wall washes, amazing waterfalls and dry ice effects and brand new for 2014 - Ice Led Centrepieces, Ice Led Seating Plans & Crystal Chandeliers.”

They’ve got so many gorgeous pictures we had to make a gallery below!

Need more info then go to www.ledfactoryuk.com