Local Illuminated Letters Manufacturer Brings Their Products To The NADJ AGM & Conference 2015

NADJ Illuminated Letters

It’s always great to use the services and buy products from a local company.  That’s why the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) always suggests using the services of your local DJ/disco shop because there aren’t many of them about today and you really will miss your local shop if they disappear.

So, with that in mind, we’ve asked a local manufacturer of illuminated letters to bring their five foot high creations to our Conference at the National Glass Centre on Sunday 26th April 2015.  Some of the DJs from the NADJ North East branch may have already seen the hand made letters at their local meeting.  They may also have recommended the manufacturer to their customers or hired direct for events in the local area.

There was quite a stir when the letters were brought to a recent branch meeting as Paul and Julie Ferry had brought something a little different to what they usually hire out or sell – they brought us the five foot illuminated ‘NADJ’ letters that were pictured in the Association’s section of Pro Mobile magazine (pictured above).  Paul is a very pro-active member and supporter of the NADJ and he runs, with his wife, Ultrasound Disco that is based in Darlington in County Durham.

Paul said that since he started making the illuminated letters, he has been flooded with orders from across the country and that he’s always working on different letters, characters or words: “These look amazing behind a wedding top table, behind a singer on a stage, in the corner of your function room or as part of your wedding or party photo shoot.”  He added that they also do numbers (pictured below), so there’s something different for specific birthday or anniversary parties.

We will have to wait and see what Paul and Julie bring with them to the Conference, but we know that they will create a lot of interest from DJs wishing to add to the services they provide.  So, join us on Sunday 26th April 2015 to see their illuminated letters (or characters) on show at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Illuminated 18 CharactersIlluminated 21 Characters