Prolight Announce Exclusives for NADJ!

prolightProlight Announce Exclusives for NADJ!

Prolight are hoping to have some brand new, never before seen products to surprise us on the day.

Confirmed are:-

A brand new overhead truss system that will be perfect for mobile djs wanting a solid truss structure that compacts to fit in a car ! ! !

The brand new Equinox DJ Booth (EQLED025) the bigger brother to all of their best selling booths
eLumen8 Liberty series battery uplighters

eLumen8 100zs (

Equinox Fusion Spot and Fusion Spot Duo

Equinox Fusion Spot Centrepiece (released this week!)


And the long awaited LEDJ Vector Beams

It’s always nice to get some exclusives and Prolight have certainly made sure of that!